Board of Zoning Appeals - Variance Application

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Please note: SC Code of Laws sections 6-29-790 and 6-29-800(D) require that notice shall be posted on or adjacent to the property affected, with at least one such notice being visible from each public thoroughfare that abuts the property at least fifteen days prior to the meeting.

ALL ONLINE APPLICATIONS ARE DUE BY 11:59 p.m. ON THE DEADLINE DATES. It is highly recommended that the property owner and/or a representative meet with staff prior to submitting an application.

Nature of Request & Fees
Notice of Appeal for a Variance

All supplemental information must be submitted in a single PDF file with this application.

An accurate, legible plot plan showing property dimensions and locations of structures and improvements must be attached to an application for variance or special exception.

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Applicant Information

Owner Information (if other than applicant)

Property Information

Designation Information (complete only if owner is not applicant)
I (we) hereby appoint the person named as Applicant as my (our) agent to represent me (us) in this application.

2. The application of the ordinance will result in unnecessary hardship, and the standards for a variance set by State law and Town ordinance are met by the following facts:

Development Approval Application (Permit) Recorded Convenant Affidavit

by any recorded covenant that is contrary to, conflicts with, or prohibits the activity for which approval is sought as provided in SC Code of Laws Section 6-29-1145, and the Town of Mount Pleasant Code of Ordinances §155.084 and §156.048.

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