Zoning Verification Letter Request

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The zoning verification letter will ONLY provide the following information:
  • Zoning of the requested parcel and any applicable overlay zones;
  • A link to the zoning code or a copy of the planned development (PD) document or Impact Assessment if zoned PD;
  • A link to the Parcel ID map to view surrounding zoning;
  • Any known current zoning code violations; and,
  • Any approved variances or special exceptions.
  • If you require more detailed information, and/or copies of files or documents, you must complete a Freedom of Information request.

    Zoning Letter Request--$20.00
    Please note: The Town typically responds to requests within 10-15 business days pursuant to the S.C. Code of Laws, §§ 30-4-10 et seq. If more time is needed to complete the request, the applicant will be notified.

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