Mobile Food Vendor Inspection Application

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This application is for Mobile Food Vendors (MFV) working within the Town of Mount Pleasant. Qualified MFV’s must obtain a Town Business License and a permit before operating by submitting this application, and associated supporting documentation outlined below, for review by the Mount Pleasant Fire Department Fire Marshal Division. MFV owners that are deemed qualified will be issued a permit. The permit must be renewed within 12 months of issuance. Permits are subject to revocation or suspension at any time. Please visit for additional information and resources.

Application Submittal Checklist

The following checklist is provided as a summary of the minimum information that must be included with this
application before a review will be initiated. It is the operator’s responsibility to have a thorough working knowledge of
the applicable ordinances, codes, and standards. Failure to provide the needed information will delay the review process.
1) DHEC inspection documentation (if applicable).
2) Hood cleaning report (if applicable).
3) Hood suppression annual inspection/maintenance report (if applicable).
4) Proof of fire extinguisher service for vehicles that include power, fuel, reheating food or cooking (Attach proof
of service/purchase within the last 12 months by attaching a photo of the tag, report from vendor, or receipt).
5) Photos of all exterior sides of the cart, trailer, vehicle, etc.
6) Photos of the interior cooking area.
7) Completed copy of the Mobile Food Vendors Fire Safety Self-Survey.
8) LP- Gas certification paperwork (if applicable).

Mobile Food Vendor Permit Application

1)Staff working in the field shall retain a copy of the current permit issued to the company.
2) Systems shall be inspected and cleaned in accordance with applicable codes and standards
3) MFV shall retain reports, photos, and associated documents for not less than three years.
4) Service stickers must be marked appropriately, contain all required information, and will be placed on each hood.

Review Process

All documents listed above (Making up the MFV operational permit application) will be routed to the Fire Marshal Division for review and approval. Once all the required documents have been reviewed and approved a field inspection will take place at Cheryll Woods-Flowers Soccer Complex located at 85 Patriots Point Rd or on site of food distribution. The permit will be issued after vehicle and/or trailer has passed inspection.

Request for review and permit

I understand and agree that this permit is for authorization for the time period identified on this permit and the permit remains the property of the Town of Mount Pleasant. By signing below, I certify that I am an authorized agent for the company performing the work stated above, appropriately trained and qualified for the scope of work proposed, and all information provided is true and correct. I understand that if any information provided is found to be incorrect or falsely stated that any permits granted from this application are immediately null and void. I agree to comply with the ordinances of this jurisdiction and to perform the work herein stated in accordance with the submitted plans, specifications, applicable codes and standards, and shall be responsible for any and all violations of state laws and local ordinances. I understand that any deviation of work made without written approval subsequent to the issuance of the permit shall constitute grounds for revocation of such permit and that all work is subject to field inspections. Permit void if work is not started within six months of the date of issue or if work stops for a period of six months. All permits expire 365 days from the date of their issuance, unless revoked or suspended.

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