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Please note: The Mount Pleasant Code of Ordinances, section 156.433(E) requires that for all requests heard by the Historic District Preservation Commission, notice shall be posted at least two weeks prior to the meeting on or adjacent to the property affected, visible from each public thoroughfare that abuts the property.

Nature of Request & Fees

Appeal of an Administrative Decision--$100.00

It is highly recommended that property owners and their representatives understand the applicable codes, specific ordinances, and guidelines to which all construction projects in the Historic District are required to adhere. Failure to closely follow requirements can result in additional costs to homeowners when plans need to be revised.

Consult with the PLAN Department before submitting any project and visit www.tompsc.com for a copy of the ordinance and guidelines.

The following information must be submitted with this application and appropriate fee:
  • All information must be submitted in a SINGLE, MULTI-PAGE portable digital format (pdf) file (half size sheets--no larger than 12x18)
  • Color photographs or color images of existing conditions
  • Thorough written description of the reason for the request, citing the specific guidelines that are being appealed

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